The results have been both immediate and long lasting.

Paul Horn


Hellerwork has made a substantial contribution to the overall health and ‘sense of wellbeing’ of my body. I would recommend it to others without hesitation or reservation.

William H. Millard

Founder of Computerland

As a physician, I am enthusiastic about the enormous potential of Hellerwork as a means of disease prevention and the promotion of optimal health. Stress reduction and awareness are concepts that are routinely applied by practitioners…

John LaMont


Testimonials Thank You

Bethany it would never do justice to put into words the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual influence you have had on my life, I will do my best. Over the years that we worked together, you helped me overcome a work-related injury to my back, a pulled hamstring, stomach issues, and general emotional stress issues. You helped me discover my own emotional and spiritual strength to grow in my purpose and impact. Although I moved away from Colorado, your assistance in realigning my whole self has had a lasting effect. I cannot thank you enough for the transformational difference you have made.

Matthew Arau

Associate Director of Bands and Music Education Chair at Lawrence University