Meet Bethany Hrbek & Koda too!

Bethany Hrbek works with people who have suffered past traumas or are experiencing present pain.  The purpose of her work is to assist her clients in releasing the past trauma and pain so they can live a life of ease, comfort, and joy.

Bethany is a Holistic Practitioner who has been in practice for over 20 years.  She is a licensed massage therapist and is certified in Hellerwork. She has studied Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Brain Speaks Techniques, and Somata Emotional Release.  She incorporates all these modalities in her work to tailor each session to the needs of each client.

Koda is a gift to Bethany’s practice (and in her life). He is a sweet and playful 2 year old, and assists with grounding clients and creating a safe place for healing to happen. She believes her clients would agree that Koda adds an extra special touch to Body Integrity.

Bethany and Koda currently live in Fort Collins, Colorado. Bethany enjoys a full life with her family, while continuing her athletic pursuits by participating in triathlons, running races, and hiking fourteeners. Koda enjoys supporting her in everything she does!

My practice has evolved through the years based on research and study, and my own healing journey.

I was born with a runny nose and allergies to milk, and suffered these throughout my childhood.  At age 13 my mother took me to a chiropractor who informed my mother that I had neck tension like that of a 50 year old man. After each treatment, I would leave blowing my nose and within a few hours I would feel emotionally and physically better!  It was at this point in my life that I made the decision to do something “Holistic” when I grew up.

I took the Hellerwork training at age 30, and several years later started my own Hellerwork practice. With a thriving practice and more questions than answers I was introduced to Energy Work and Craniosacral Therapy. Along the way I had discovered some repressed memories from my early childhood, and now more than ever I was seeing the mind-body connection.

At age 40, after healing so many of my own issues, I was ready to follow my dream and move from to Colorado.  I moved to Steamboat Springs Colorado, quickly built up my practice, and became an avid outdoors woman.  I was running, skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking.  At age 42 I started to experience some periods of complete exhaustion and went to see a naturopath.  She informed me that I was displaying pre-menopausal symptoms and had put a great strain on my adrenals due to my diet.  This naturopath was my next teacher who gave me the opportunity to learn all about menopause and the problems that can cause for women.  Again, through bodywork and holistic practices I was able to heal myself and gain new solutions to assist my clients.  I continue to take continuing education classes so I can learn more and help my clients grow and flourish as I do.

Now, at the age of 52, I live happily in Fort Collins Colorado, and have a thriving practice here. I love living here and enjoying my active lifestyle.  I’ve been a runner now for over 30 years and have added cycling and swimming to my outdoor activities.  I have been participating in triathlons for eight years now and love it!   I have been allergy free for 17 years and continue to thrive in a now aging body.  I am more present and conscious for myself, my family, and my clients.  I feel blessed to live in the moment and to have clients who continually heal and grow from our work together. This has been a wonderful journey and I am grateful for every client I’ve been blessed to work with and all those I have yet to see.

Bethany's Dog Koda
Hellerwork Treats the Brain and Body
Body Integrity Client

The energy work helped connect clients to their spirituality while the bodywork grounded them in who they are in the world.  This combination allowed my practice to grow and thrive.

Bethany Higher than a Kite